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Site Reliability Engineer

  • At Interficie we are looking for a SRE/DevOps Engineer that can take ownership of and evolve our service infrastructure of various projects.
  • We are an Internet development studio based in Barcelona that offers consultancy and development of Internet solutions for enterprises, startups and public institutions.
  • We develop and maintain projects spanning from the occasional wordpress to fully custom business management applications with React frontends and Node/PHP backends.
  • Your job will be to take the lead at devising a set of infrastructure patterns than can serve those use cases providing good reliability and performance guarantees.
  • Hence, we are looking for someone committed and proactive who wants to join our team and grow with us.
  • For us it is very important to reconcile with family life, so we offer a flexible work day of 7 hours. Most of us do them from 8 to 15h to have free afternoons.

Top skills required are:

  • Ability to envision a web-based application infrastructure as a whole and to provide inputs to the development team for improvement.
  • Good communication skills and an itch to get everything documented.
  • Be a good team player.
  • Identify bottlenecks, failure points, and devise solutions to these problems.
  • Understand and influence the vision and overall strategy of our systems.
  • A passion for learning and applying those newly acquired skills while keeping reliability/robustness in mind.
  • Serious attitude towards systems security and best practices.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in Spanish.

The necessary technical knowledge:

  • Linux sysadmin profficiency (Ubuntu, Debian).
  • Cursory knowledge about AWS Services and setting up infrastructure within the AWS ecosystem.
  • Experience with some configuration management solution(s) (e.g.: Ansible, Puppet, Salt).
  • Knowledge of how the web ecosystem works from a systems perspective (DNS, HTTP(s), CORS, etc.)

Greatly valued:

  • CI pipelines set up and management (e.g.: Github Actions, AWS CodeDeploy).
  • Experience deploying Docker-based applications (e.g.: ECS, Kubernetes, Portainer).
  • Experience setting up and maintaining monitoring and alerting systems (e.g.: ELK, Prometheus, Nagios, Zabbix).
  • Ability to develop and maintain security processes.
  • Experience setting up and maintaining PHP/MySQL infrastructures
  • Experience setting up and maintaining some linux-based backup solution (e.g.: Duplicity, RSnapshot, Restic).
  • Deep knowledge in any of the above points.


  • 7-hour intensive day.
  • Participation in the technological and business decision making.
  • Direct contact with the CEO.
  • Flexible start schedule between (8:00 - 9:00).
  • Full remote.

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