EIC- Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya

Digital tool for managing the complete cycle of the technical documentation certification process.

Project overview

The project stems from the need for the EIC to implement a new certification tool to replace the old platform.

The Challenge

The challenges of the project were several, understanding and programming the visa calculation base for all types of documents, ensuring the persistence of the data housed in the Oracle databases. Schedule a gradual deployment that will not impact the daily work of project certification, avoiding the economic damage that could be caused.

Features & Technology

The project was carried out with the Symfony framework by express request of the client. So that the internal IT team could manage the platform and make small changes. In addition, Symfony has an ORM that provided us with all the connectivity to the Oracle databases with which the old platform worked. The new platform has all the functionalities that guarantee the complete cycle of the project certification process. From the request, the calculations and dependencies, the electronic multisignatura by means of certificates until the payment and download of the plans and certified reports. A project with a high technical challenge that has been in production for a year and that has meant a noticeable improvement in the certification process for the EIC.

Used technologies

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The new certification application has meant an improvement in efficiency in terms of reducing deadlines, as well as a qualitative leap in the service we offer to our group. Both internal and external users of the application have highly valued the change and They have highlighted aspects such as simplicity and time savings. This reduction in the time to carry out the same tasks has allowed us to dedicate part of the resources to other tasks and provide more services to our users.
Tomás Navarro
Head of Studies and Projects at Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya

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