Online enrollment system plus corporative site.

Project overview

Linkia FP is one of the leaders in the Spanish online occupational training market. We were commissioned to replace the former platform by creating a new site which was adapted to the most cutting-edge web requirements -i.e. usability, responsiveness and design- and a new solution to ease lead acquisition and enrollment of students. The project was born with three main objectives: stability, scalability and performance, the three pillars underpinning the growth of the company’s online channel.

The Challenge

After some years working on a Drupal-based unique platform which encompassed all its web services, Linkia FP invested in a project aimed at the production of a web and three webapps. The main objective was to split the technological side of the project into different environments, which resulted in the company’s online platform becoming stabilised. As a result, the platform was redimensioned so that it could work seamlessly during peak enrollment periods. The benefit of the new platform’s architecture allowed the independent upgrade and maintenance of the website without affecting the rest of environments (enrollment, student area, among others).

As a side project, a new website was developed with the best SEO practices in mind in order to contribute to the lead acquisition process.

As regards the webapps, the first one is focused on the enrollment funnel, enabling the application of all the business logic: type of studies, curriculum, geographical location, to mention a few. It also includes the integration of the different payment methods. The ultimate aim here is to grant a more stable and agile process which results in the highest enrollment conversion.

The second webapp allows the management of the user’s academic curriculum and information.

The last webapp enables Linkia FP to manage the users, their studies, their payments and the remarketing campaigns to improve user loyalty.

Features & Technology

The project has been live for a year, in continuous improvement and implementation of new features. On a business level, the project has exceeded the expectations previously held on the platform.

Used technologies

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The team at INTERFICIE has provided us with the creativity, implication and trustability in the technical solution proposed, as well as in the implementation and follow-up of the whole project. Their collaborative workflow and communication has been and is fluid at all times.
Alicia Berlanga
Director of Linkia FP

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