Nous Cims

A project of digital transformation to implement an online solution to handle the organisational processes at Nous Cims.

Project overview

Nous Cims is a non-profit organization that creates and develops innovative, transformative and sustainable social projects in the fields of employability, emotional well-being and global development. The aim of Nous Cims is to create an impact among the most vulnerable people, especially women, young people and children, both in their local community as well as in emerging countries

The Challenge

Automating the main workflows in the organization through a consulting process. This process has allowed us to obtain an overview of the day-to-day operation, enabling us to offer a bespoke software solution. The project has transcended the mere development of a software solution, eventually turning into a process of Digital Transformation of the entire organization.

Features & Technology

The end-result is a cloud based ERP that enhances all the organization’s processes with a high performance and a minimum learning curve.

Used technologies

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Working with the Interficie team is a pleasure. From the beginning we have worked with total transparency, which has helped us to understand where we are and avoid uncertainties. We share values such as humility, work and innovation, and this makes things easier. They are not afraid to face new challenges with daring. They not only do the work assigned to them, but also help us to think about how to improve the application in order to optimize our processes.
Pepe Rubiralta
Director at Fundació Nous Cims

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