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Online toolkit to discover and propose solutions to the inequalities that occur in the world.

Project overview

The project consists of a web framework as an online working tool (Multidimensional Inequality Framework) that allows the creation of working documents to better understand the existing inequalities in multiple areas of life (from health to education or political participation), to identify the causes and, finally, to address possible solutions in local, national or regional contexts, in a consistent and systematic way.

The Challenge

Oxfam Intermón, in collaboration with CASE of the London School of Economics and SOAS of the University of London, publishes a 'toolkit' that explains how to measure, understand and combat inequalities beyond the economic.

The main challenge is to give the Framework a web format, allowing experts or professionals who consult the toolkit to make use of all the measurement tools, indicators and other content in an effective and usable way.

In this way, the toolkit can be configured according to the needs of the person doing the report and compose on the fly a pdf document with all the selected material.

Features & Technology

What started out as primarily a toolkit presentation page, ended up being a toolkits configuration tool with a powerful content manager.

Used technologies

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Having Interficie has been key to organizing and communicating such a complex and comprehensive tool as the Multidimensional Framework of Inequality, with a large amount of information, in an effective, understandable and simple way. We have achieved a versatile online tool, capable of serving each user, both those who are starting to analyze and measure the inequalities that surround us, and those who wish to go deeper -researchers, professionals in the sector, activists
Ana Claver
Project Manager

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